Providing Smart, Sustainable Landscaping Solutions Through Synthetic Grass

With top of the line premium products and professional installations, we are your team to properly execute your synthetic turf needs. Creating sustainable and well-maintained outdoor landscapes while minimizing resource input and waste output.


Commercial / Residential


Parks / Dog Parks

Low Maintenance

Lose the mower, the general maintenance can be as simple as using your leaf blower and water hose.

Save Water

Tired of watering for weak results? Save your water bill and you time. Synthetic Turf conserves up to 40 gallons of water per square foot per year.

Pet Friendly

Pets of any kind love synthetic turf! With a mess-free area (including muddy puddles), you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors!

Beat the "Shaded" Areas

Having trouble growing grass and trying different remedies and money to do so? Synthetic Turf is your one-time quick fix.

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