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We understand the challenges of maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard in a dry region with extreme weather. Our xeriscape services are perfect for homeowners who want to conserve water, reduce their environmental impact, and save money on their water bills.




Sustainable Xeriscaping Solutions

If you're a homeowner in West Texas, you know how valuable water is in our region. One way to save on your water bill and do your part in conserving water is by choosing to xeriscape for your landscaping needs. This landscaping involves using drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation techniques to create a sustainable and cost-effective outdoor space. At WTX Outdoor Living Co, we specialize in xeriscaping services to help you create a beautiful and water-wise landscape. From selecting the appropriate plants to installing an efficient irrigation system, we have the knowledge and experience to turn your xeriscape dreams into a reality.


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What is Xersicaping?

Xeriscaping is a way to create a beautiful outdoor space while conserving water. It involves using native plants adapted to the local climate and requiring less water and maintenance than non-native species. We employ techniques to reduce irrigation needs, such as grouping plants based on their water requirements, using a mulch to prevent evaporation, and positioning garden beds to avoid excessive sun exposure. By following these principles, we can design and install xeriscape gardens that are both stunning and sustainable.

Plants Used for Xeriscaping

A wide range of plants can be used in xeriscaping, and the most suitable options will depend on the local climate and soil conditions. Generally, native plants are easier to maintain and better adapted to the area than non-native species. For xeriscaping in West Texas, cacti, succulents, and drought-tolerant grasses are excellent choices, as they can thrive in the hot, dry conditions of the region and do not require much water. Selecting the right plants for your location is key to creating a beautiful and sustainable xeriscape garden.

Reduce Your Water Bill

Save money on your water bill with a stunning, low-maintenance landscape. Selecting the appropriate plants for your region and applying some water conservation techniques makes it possible to create a beautiful outdoor space that requires minimal effort. Xeriscaping, which utilizes drought-resistant plants and mulch to reduce evaporation and keep roots cool, is an excellent option for those looking to save water and create a stunning landscape. You can have a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space by choosing the right plants and implementing these principles.

Reduce Pollutants

By opting for xeriscaping, you can save water and reduce the chemicals and pollutants entering our waterways. Traditional lawns and gardens often require a lot of water, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides to maintain their health, which can negatively impact the environment. In contrast, xeriscaping uses native plants that require less water and fertilizer to thrive and may resist local pests, reducing the need for pesticides. By choosing to xeriscape, you can create a beautiful outdoor space while protecting our waterways and environment.

Low Maintenance

Xeriscape landscapes not only use less water but also require less maintenance than traditional landscapes. This means that you can save both time and money by choosing to xeriscape. With xeriscaping, you'll spend less time mowing, pruning, and fertilizing, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the added hassle.

A Natural, Sustainable Landscape

Creating a sustainable landscape that can withstand drought conditions is possible by carefully selecting the right plants and utilizing efficient irrigation techniques. Xeriscaping allows you to create a naturalistic outdoor space that blends in with its surroundings using native plants and vegetation. In addition to being more resilient, xeriscaping can help create a sense of place and belonging in your outdoor space.

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Erick and his team were great to work with. Everything from planning to execution was perfect. The guys were resilient through some equipment issues during application but Erick himself came to the job site to make sure everything was handled to completion. Great company to work with and I would highly recommend.
Thad Meadows
Thad Meadows
Erick and Matt were able to design and execute a huge transformation of my back yard. This company is easy to communicate with and they were able to answer questions about the project promptly. I was particularly impressed with welding and masonry crews. These guys rock. I would definitely call these guys again for any landscaping projects I have in the future.
Adam Morales
Adam Morales
WTX Turf and Landscaping team made an excellent and beautiful work on my backyard. They are very responsible, respectful, nice, and professional. I love the way I could communicate with them during the whole process and I am really satisfied with my new backyard. Don't hesitate to contact them!
Lizbeth Castillo
Lizbeth Castillo
We really enjoyed working with West Texas turf on our backyard remodel. They were very patient with us throughout the process and always glad to make changes on the fly as we proposed them. Their guys were all very nice. Our kids loved being outside watching them and talking to them. They didn’t cut any corners. We are very pleased with the quality and would use them again.
Cody and Jacci Statton
Cody and Jacci Statton
Absolutely stunning is an understatement when it comes to the design and work that Eric and his team have done. The finished yard is Gorgeous and well done. They put a lot of thought and effort into the designs and will not compromise on quality! Eric and his team are open, upfront and impeccably honest. If there is an issue (any major construction will have issues), they will make it right in a fair and equitable manner. They were also flexible, listening and adapting to our ideas, as the project progressed. But also not afraid to give an honest opinion (not all our ideas were great!) and contributing fantastic ideas of their own. One of their masons came up with the idea of stone columns in the entry - one of our favorite features. Truly a team effort all making a for better end result. HIGHLY recommended.
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
WTX turf came through and went above and beyond on my yard. These guys are amazing. I will definitely be using them again in the future!!!! From start to finish these guys knocked it out of the park!!!!
Michael Booker
Michael Booker
I would like to commend Eric Gabaldon on a job very wll done at my residence. I was really impressed with his professionalism and very appreciative. I had given him a down payment for our project, but then some unforeseen financial difficulties came up and I had to postpone our project. I asked Eric if we could stall for a bit and it was his right to refuse and take on other projects. He completely understood my circumstances and agreed to wait until I was ready. I called him several months later not knowing what is demeanor would be. He instantaneously put me on the schedule asap and within 2 weeks, our yard was done. We put down half turf and half gray rock. I have received 3 phone calls neighbors wanting to know who do this impressive job. They took care of plugging my sprinklers and moving bubblers around with no problems. He kept his word on the price even though we got started later than anticipated. I am really impressed with the warranty they offer and I will definitely recommend WTX Turf to anyone wanting to upgrade any landscape project. Thank you Eric for a job well done, your work is impeccable! Javer A. Contreras
Javier Contreras
Javier Contreras
Very pleased with the work WTX Turf did on my backyard, they did exactly what I wanted and were very helpful and professional during the process. Had a few different quotes but no one was more impressive then Erick and his team. Highly recommend to any business or individual looking to do landscaping work.👍🏼
Jose Irizarry
Jose Irizarry

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At WTX Outdoor Living Co., we are the experts in xeriscape services for Odessa and Midland, TX. With years of experience in the landscape industry, we provide high-quality and efficient services to ensure that your outdoor space is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, ensuring that each customer is treated with respect and attention to detail. We have an extensive portfolio across West Texas and are committed to meeting all local regulations.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can create a unique xeriscape design that fits your space's specific needs while meeting all local regulations. At WTX Outdoor Living Co., you can be sure that your outdoor area will look stunning!

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